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Real Gemstones from Thailand
Real Gemstones from Thailand

You may need this special gem for your design or your collection, which is so hard to find? Thailand is well known for its rubies and sapphires, but also for many other colored stones.


With Bangkok as its international jewelry trading capital you will be surprised what Chanthaburi has to offer! Chanthaburi is a province in the eastern part of Thailand and it's city Chanthaburi is well known for its colored gemstone industry. It is also known as the City of Gems. Most stones used in jewelry will pass through this iconic small town.


Back in the 19th century Thailand was an important source of sapphires. Then in 1962 the province became the Ruby Capital of the World, well-known for its extraordinary Siamese Ruby. Over time Chanthaburi had evolved from mining to leading gemstone center.


More than 80 percent of all exported gems are going through Chanthaburi. Making it the largest gem center in all of Southeast Asia.